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    Story by Phyllis Speidell

    "A unique and upbeat man of music, Daniel W. Boothe brings a medley of experiences and talents to his first season as conductor and music director of Symphonicity, the Symphony Orchestra of Virginia Beach."

    "Marching and entertainment are the uses we often think of for music in the armed forces. But composing and writing their own works is proving to be therapeutic for those who are no longer on the battlefield."

    Story by Irene Bowers

    "Drumsticks, mallets and batons have marked his course from childhood’s earliest rhythms to his new position as music director and conductor of Symphonicity."

    Story by Scott Strickland

    "The conductor did an outstanding job conveying the wide range of emotions expressed in this eternal work. I was amazed how well the orchestra met its technical challenges. "

    Story by Dan Duke

    "After a worldwide, two-year search, Symphonicity announced today that its new music director will be Daniel W. Boothe, an award-winning musician who served in the Air Force as an officer, conductor and public affairs strategist."

    Story by Melissa Dabe

    "The Air Force Band of Flight will partner with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra on Tuesday to commemorate Patriot Day. Tuesday is the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil."

    Story by Donna Alvis-Banks

    "That's where Mark Camphouse, Radford University's director of bands, says his star student Dan Boothe belongs, not just in Southwest Virginia but "at the top of the heap anywhere."

    Apparently, a panel of brainiacs commissioned by USA Today agrees."